Pannon EGTC

Re-election of officials in Pannon EGTC

The election of officials took place at the festive general assembly of the Pannon ETT on May 8th
Re-election of officials in Pannon EGTC

Pursuant to Article 43 (3) of the statutes of the Pannon EGTC, the Board consists of a maximum of nine members. Its members are the President of the General Assembly and the representatives of the eight General Assembly Members elected by the General Assembly. The General Assembly elects two members of the presidency from the national side that provides the President, and three from the other national sides. The territorial principle means the division of the entire territory of the Association into such units, which, without prejudice to the objectives of the Cooperation, ensure in a democratic way that the economic and cultural identity of the separate, larger geographical units is reflected and enforced in the work of the Cooperation, and ensures that none of the national sides be able to make binding decisions for the entire Partnership without the other's consent.

Among the officials elected by the General Assembly, the president - represented by Baranya County as a member, dr. László Őri - , as well as five vice-presidents - Lendva, Verőce-Drávamente, Eszék-Baranya, Somogy, Zala, as members representing the counties of Janez Magyar, Emina Kovač, Ivan Anušić, Norbert Biró and Imre Pácsonyi expired on December 17, 2023. The terms of office of supervisory board members Kálmán Nagy and Balázs Kiss also expired on March 23, 2024.

The General Assembly unanimously decided to elect Baranya County member and László Őri as vice president, Emina Kovač representing Verőce-Drávamente County, Josip Miletić representing Eszék-Baranya, Ratimir Ljubić representing Kapronca-Kőrös County, Janez Magyar representing Lendva, Norbert Biró representing Somogy County, Imré Pácsonyi representing Zala County. . In addition, Kálmán Nagy and Balázs Kiss were elected supervisory board members for a period of 3 years.

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