Pannon EGTC

REHEATEAST - Building local partnerships for reducing the fossil energy demand of district heating systems in the Eastern Danube Region

"REHEATEAST - Building local partnerships for reducing the fossil energy demand of district heating systems in the Eastern Danube Region" project submitted by the Pannon EGTC in the Interreg Danube Region Program won support at the end of 2023, and the implementation started in January 2024.

Total project budget: EUR 2,212,428

Budget of Pannon EGTC: EUR 371,800

Project duration: 01.01.2024-30.06.2026

Status: Lead Partner


  1.      International Development and Resource Coordination Agency Zrt. - NFFKÜ (HU)
  2.      Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (HR)
  3.      Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (RO)
  4.      Local Energy Agency Pomurje (SI)
  5.      Via Carpatia EGTC (SK)
  6.      Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (RS)
  7.      Jozef Stefan Institute (SI)
  8.      Resource Aarhus Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
  9.      Center for Energy Efficiency and Effect (BG)
  10.      ABE Renewable d.o.o. (RS)

Associated Strategic Partners (ASPs):

  1.      Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy – ENEFFECT (BG)
  2.      Kosice Self-Governing Region (SK)
  3.      Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner (HR)
  4.      central heating d.d. Tuzla (BA)
  5.      Energy Cities Romania - OER (RO)
  6.      Association of Public Administrators (RO)
  7.      University of Pécs (HU)
  8.      Solar Cooperative Green Energy (SI)
  9.      Grad Rijeka (HR)
  10.      Grad Zagreb (HR)
  11.      ENERGETICA LJUBLJANA d. He. He. (SKI)
  12.      PÉTÁV Pécs District Heating Limited Liability Company (HU)
  13.      Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (HR)
  14.      University of Tuzla (BA)
  15.      Municipality of Priboj (RS)
  16.      Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (MD)
  17.      ENERGETIKA LLC (RS)
  18.      SERVELECT (RO)
  19.      MH Teplárenský holding a.s. (SK)
  20.      CEE Bankwatch Network (CZ)
  21.      Občina Lendava (SI)
  22.      HEP-Toplinarstvo d.o.o. (HR)
  24.      Center for Energy Security of Ukraine (UA)
  25.      Green City Lab Moldova (MD)

The aim of the project is to reduce the fossil energy demand of DH systems and to integrate renewable energy and waste heat. REHEATEAST aims to facilitate this by encouraging multi-stakeholder inter-sector cooperation by developing, testing and disseminating applicable solutions that support public-private cooperation and the implementation of large-scale building and system rehabilitation programs. Transnational cooperation enables the adaptation of existing good practices in a similar context, as well as the joint development of adaptable cooperation and optimization models, especially with regard to the integration of standardization, certification and green procurement opportunities, with all relevant stakeholders (including authorities, consumers, financial bodies, institutions, utilities, media, technology suppliers and construction companies). The developed models are tested in pilot actions. REHEATEAST formulates policy recommendations to address the challenges of DH systems in the Eastern Danube region and beyond.

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