Pannon EGTC

"Crossmarkets" B-Solutions project

Project title: CrossMarkets - Institutional cooperation to enhance cross-border selling at local farmers ’markets

Funding construction: b-solutions

Project duration: September 1, 2018 - September 31, 2019.

Eligible total cost: EUR 19,795.00 Grant: EUR 19,795.00

Our project “CrossMarkets”, which was supported in the framework of the b-solutions call for proposals, was intended to help improve the access of local producers on the Croatian-Hungarian border to the market of a neighboring country. The project ended in 2020 and revealed the shortcomings and problems of the border area and made suggestions to decision-makers to improve the situation.

Justification of the project:

Farmers and primary producers enjoy the privileges of marketing their products in the production environment, ie within a radius of 50 km (local product). This is in line with EU policies on EU agricultural products and short food supply chains and local food systems. However, when it comes to border regions, even if these borders are the EU's internal borders, farmers and primary producers cannot enjoy the same privileges. In the Hungarian-Croatian border region, farmers on both sides of the border offer products almost exclusively from one side of the border.

Objectives of the project:

The Pannon EGTC project sought to strengthen institutional cooperation between municipalities operating local producer markets in order to jointly develop solutions to the above-mentioned legal and administrative barriers that prevent farmers / primary producers from selling their products across the border. Through this type of cooperation, a variety of support is provided to the actual stakeholders, ie farmers, primary producers and local distributors.

The proposed solution was mainly an exchange of experience and requirements between institutions, and as a result a support toolkit was developed, providing all necessary information on farmers' market locations and specific requirements on both sides of the border in a bilingual format with clear descriptions and visualization of processes. and a bilingual version of the required documentation.

http://Information guidelines selling Hungarian products in Croatian markets for local producers HU/EN

http://Information guidelines selling Croatian products in Hungarian markets for local producers HR/EN