Pannon EGTC

The labor market of the Southern Transdanubian region in 2035

Pannon EGTC was invited to a workshop organized by the National Association of Employers and Industrial Workers, the purpose of which was to jointly develop scenarios for what the Hungarian labor market will look like in 2035, with professionals dealing with the labor market, but working in different fields living and working in Southern Transdanubia.
The labor market of the Southern Transdanubian region in 2035

The current global socio-economic conditions are also called the age of multiple crises, the most important characteristic of which is that the factors determining the operation of companies and the economy make the future unpredictable, so preparing for changes requires strategic planning that differs from the usual. To this, political and economic decision-makers in the so-called they use the strategic foresight toolkit, which also includes the development of scenarios with the involvement of specialists.

The workshop is part of such a program of the MGYOSZ. The goal of the program and the workshop was to help the decision-makers involved in the shaping of the labor market with their long-term thinking, thereby helping to more effectively manage and prepare for the upcoming labor market changes. The purpose of the program is also to map what regional differences can be observed in Hungarian labor market trends, and how local professionals see this. At the end of the program, MGYOSZ attempts to shed light on regional differences within Hungary and develops a proposal for convergence.

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