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European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018)

Our heritage: the meeting of the past and the future

“Our cultural heritage plays a key role in our sense of identity and in our daily lives. It is present in the cities and villages, natural landscapes and archeological sites of Europe, as well as in literature, the arts and the objects around us. It includes the tales we have learned as children, the knowledge passed on by our parents and grandparents, the traditional food and the movies in which we know ourselves. ”

The European Parliament and the Council have declared 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The European Year of Cultural Heritage is launching a number of events across Europe to raise awareness and ownership of our cultural heritage.

The Pannon European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation is implementing a project called SHARE in partnership with organizations from several countries, which examines the sustainable development of cultural heritage.

The SHARE project joined the above initiative and successfully applied for the title of European Year of Cultural Heritage.

You can view the programs organized in our country in the calendar of events on the following page:

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