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The Pannon EGTC met with the representatives of the Hungarian nationals in Croatia

On February 13, 2023, the presidency of the Pannon EGTC met with representatives of the Hungarians in Croatia and the Consulate General of Hungary in Bellye, Croatia.
The Pannon EGTC met with the representatives of the Hungarian nationals in Croatia

The meeting was attended by Róbert Jankovics, president of the HMDK, János Andócsi, vice-president of the HMDK, government commissioner Attila József Móring, consul Dr. Zoltán Császár, Márkus Ferenc, deputy state secretary responsible for the coordination of settlement developments, Norbert Biró, president of the Somogy County Assembly and vice-president of the Pannon ETT, Dr. László Őri is the president of the Baranya County Assembly and the Pannon ETT, László Gyurákovics is the mayor of Somogyvár, and dr. Judit Füzér is the deputy director of Pannon ETT.

The Democratic Community of Hungarians in Croatia (HMDK) is a Hungarian minority interest protection organization operating in Croatia, which was founded in 1993 in Eszék. Its scope of activities covers all areas that influence the life of our national community in any way: it encompasses the economy, culture and preservation of traditions, public education and public education, religious life, environmental and nature protection, social and health care, scientific life and authentic information, public representation (parliamentary and local authority elections), i.e. full-scale representation of interests.

The reopening of the Consulate General of Hungary in Eszéki in 2013 strengthened the sense of belonging to the motherland for the Hungarians in Croatia, and increased their chances of establishing and expanding educational, cultural, economic and any other relations. In addition to the classic consular duties, one of their main goals is to help citizens of Hungarian nationality living in Croatia in nurturing their ties to the motherland. In addition, they consider it an important task to exploit the still unexplored opportunities in business and economic cooperation, as well as to intensify cultural, educational and sports relations.

The central topic of the discussion was border cooperation, paying particular attention to the situation, opportunities, plans and goals of the Hungarian minority in Croatia. The Pannon EGTC informed those present about the current situation of the programming process along the Croatian-Hungarian border, presented the program and presented the prominent project proposals. Those present formulated their proposals regarding strategic projects and offered their help in order to advance the programming process.

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