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Inter Ventures project closing event in Pécs

The Interreg Europe project of the Pannon European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation INTER VENTURES - "Policies to promote the internationalization of SMEs for more competitive regional ecosystems in border areas of the EU" is coming to an end
Inter Ventures project closing event in Pécs

The main goal of the project is to promote the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the border regions of the European Union, with the help of PANNON EGTC and the cooperation of 8 European partners (German, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish), thus contributing to the increase of their competitiveness. Within the framework of the project taking place between 2019-2023, the partners will share their experiences on the subject, and the final document of the tender will be an Action Plan for each of the five regions included in the partnership, on how policy instruments could be used to help the internationalization of businesses. The Pannon ETT Action Plan focuses on the creation of a program that helps less prepared SMEs to become international. calls for the publication of calls for tenders (such as the B-light program), which help the internationalization of businesses.

Pannon EGTC held the closing event of the project in Pécs, at the Kodály Center on November 3, 2022, however, due to the hybrid nature of the event, it was also possible to join online. As part of the closing event, a conference entitled "Encouraging the international cooperation of SMEs" was organized in the morning, and the last international partner meeting took place in the afternoon.

In the framework of the conference, Dr. Balázs Loppert greeted the participants on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as dr. László Őri as president of Pannon EGTC and Baranya County.

dr. Director Péter Merza and expert Tamás Lunk presented the Inter Ventures project and its results, then Laurentiu David from the Interreg Europe Secretariat evaluated the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 program and presented the objectives of the Interreg Europe 2021-27 program and the upcoming new call, as well as the , how the internationalization of SMEs appeared among the projects supported by Interreg Europe.

György Márton, Logframe Kft.'s consultant, reported on how, according to the plans, the support of SMEs and the promotion of their internationalization will appear in the B-light project of the Hungarian-Croatian cross-border cooperation program (HU-HR CBC 2021-27).

The managing director of GEOCHEM Kft., Dr. Fedor Ferenc, received support from the previous B-light project implemented within the framework of the HU-HR CBC 2014-2020 program, who gave a presentation on his experiences and the successful cooperation that had been implemented.

The intellectual father of the B-light support form, Martijn Spaargaren (Euregio rijn-maas-noord), presented the possibilities for supporting SMEs within the framework of the German-Dutch border cooperation program, and explained the effects of the new European Union regulations.

The Spanish partner of the Inter Ventures project, Beatriz García Val (Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos - SODEBUR), explained the details of the two-level support system implemented by them for the internationalization of SMEs, which system is an example of the success of the Pannon ETT action plan. served.

The conference can be viewed at the following link:

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