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The Hungarian-Croatian cross-border co-operation program document for the period 2021-27 was adopted

After a long break, the planning process for the Hungarian-Croatian Cross-Border Program has finally resumed. The competent leaders of the two countries sat back at the negotiating table on March 29, 2022 in Csáktornya.

The topic of the meeting of the Programming Committee of the Hungarian-Croatian Cross-Border Cooperation Program for the 2021-2027 European Union budget period was the adoption of the program document, because the draft program for the new cycle had to be submitted to the European Commission by 2 April 2022.

The planned priorities of the Program and their short content have been approved by the Programming Committee, which is submitted to the Commission by the responsible department, the competent department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The agreed priorities for the topics to be applied for in the next call are:

1. A competitive border region

             - Promoting cross-border business cooperation

2. A greener and low carbon border region

             - Joint initiatives for a low carbon border area

             - Protection of natural values

3. Inclusive border region

             - Development of sustainable nature and culture-oriented tourism of international significance

             - Joint educational initiatives

4. Cooperating border region

            - Promote government cooperation

            - Support for civil cooperation

The impact assessment of the period 2014-2020 and the exploration of the current location have already been completed within the framework of the project. Building on these is the program document for the new period. The strategy based on the programming document, prepared by the PANNON EGTC, can be found here:

PANNON ETT participates in the programming within the framework of its nearly 300 thousand euro priority project, which deals not only with the preparation of strategies, but also with the development of 5 joint projects of strategic importance. Project proposals are already being negotiated and a final decision is planned for early summer 2022. It can be said that there are project proposals dealing with economic development, tourism, energy and climate change.

The decision on the institutional system of the period 2021-27 has not yet been made between the Hungarian and Croatian parties, it may be the subject of a further conciliation.

The first applications for the new period are expected in late 2022, early next year.

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