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The second phase of the INTER VENTURES project has started

On February 16 the project partners held the kick-off meeting, discussing tasks of the second phase

The aim of the INTER VENTURES project phase 2 is to monitor the implementation of the action plans developed during the first phase. The second phase will run from February 1, 2022 until January 31, 2023.

As a lead partner, the Pannon EGTC is responsible for coordinating the follow-up of the action plans at partner level, in the framework of continuous contact with the partners. The lead partner is responsible for monitoring whether the individual steps included in the plan are implemented in each region, whether their timing is progressing according to the projected schedule, whether the stakeholders are involved in accordance with the expectations of the support program, and whether the implementation and it's documentation is sufficient to demonstrate the results achieved in terms of indicators and project documentation.

The PANNON EGTC is currently carrying out the programming tasks of the Hungarian-Croatian cross-border program, during which we proposed that a new call be developed in the Hungary-Croatia Interreg Cross-border Co-operation Program for 2021-2027 to co-operate and internationalize Hungarian and Croatian SMEs. The modified system of conditions may be able to reach SMEs that are currently unable to enter the international market and are not seeking to expand into international markets. At present, these companies do not have access to help that would improve their chances of internationalization. Some of the current barriers to internationalization could be removed and the number of active SMEs increased, with better knowledge of the potential international markets for SMEs, better prepared staff and a better understanding of the conditions and constraints of internationalization in general. With this project, the Pannon EGTC can play a prominent regional role in promoting the internationalization of SMEs.

The aim of the project is to create an easier-to-manage support system for less prepared, internationalising SMEs. Our aim is to extend the range of policy instruments through our proposal to include a new component to support SMEs wishing to expand their international presence. Our goal is to create the necessary concept for the SME support system, through which we can also contribute to the development of the SME support system of the 2021-2027 HU-HR program. The recommendations are based on our experience with the INTER VENTURES project and our knowledge of the network of regional stakeholders. During the implementation of the action plan, we intend to cooperate with HEPA (Hungarian Export Promotion Agency) in order to exchange experiences and avoid possible overlaps.

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