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Serious progress in the Croatian-Hungarian joint development strategy for 2021-27

For more than a year and a half, the Pannon European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation has been participating in the creation of the 2021-27 Croatian-Hungarian joint development program as the leading beneficiary of a winning Interreg program. The analysis of the current situation and the examination of the experiences of the previous two Hungarian-Croatian Interreg program periods had already been completed, the latter period revolved around 5 thematic areas to be prioritized in the Program.
Serious progress in the Croatian-Hungarian joint development strategy for 2021-27

Within the framework of strategic planning, the subject areas proposed by the experts were accepted by both the Hungarian and Croatian ministries. This represents serious progress and a final decision on the subject is expected at the level of the programming committee this month. The topic areas are extremely important because the programming will continue only in relation to them, and future calls for tenders can only appear in these topics.

Pannon EGTC, within the framework of the winning priority project, on the basis of which it also participates in strategic planning, has also undertaken to develop 5 project ideas of priority importance, so that their implementation can begin already at the beginning of the programming period. Among the complex project ideas is a tender aimed at creating a joint Geopark, as well as a draft to help small and medium-sized enterprises, but one of the most promising is the draft related to the Amazon of Europe (AoE) Bike Trail.

The Amazon of Europe (AoE) Bike Trail is a transnational bike trail that covers five countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia), which is more than a simple infrastructure investment, as it offers a unique cycling holiday opportunity for families, the elderly and the young. The bike route, which offers more complex services than average, runs along the Mura, Dráva and Danube rivers and is divided into two sections: the 550-kilometer northern route and the 700-kilometer southern route. From both, you can easily reach the nearby tourist attractions and recreation opportunities, and you can easily explore the incomparably beautiful landscapes and areas along the river. For the sake of those who want to go on a hike, both routes are divided into additional sections, making it easier to discover and visit the important sights from a tourism point of view. The Northern Route is divided into 11 sections and the Southern Route into 16 sections. In both cases, the starting point is in Mureck, Austria, and the end point is Mohács. The planned project would further develop the existing route by building tourist infrastructure providing services in 7 counties on the joint Croatian-Hungarian border section.

A communication platform ( has been created within the project, which also carries out the programming, which creates an opportunity to collect project ideas, display, manage and conduct various events, conduct online questionnaire surveys, and build a database. and also for managing communication activities.

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