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Boost for SMEs and cross-border business

Sharing is an important part of an Interreg project like INTER VENTURES. To show others what we have done is an important part of our work. In that respect INTER VENTURES has been featured in Panorama. Panorama is the official magazine of the European Commission’s DG Regio and is published four or five times a year, appears online in 22 EU languages and features news from interesting projects across Europe.

In Panorama 75, the Winter 2020 edition, an article on INTER VENTURES was written by the AEBR (Association of European Border Regions), the advisory partner in the INTER VENTURES project. In the article the aim of INTER VENTURES, promoting the internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), is covered, as well as the steps the European Commission has taken in the last year on strengthening SMEs.


From the recent Strategy that the European Commission published in March 2020, it appears that the European Commission recognizes the complex and burdensome experiences for SMEs that operate internationally. The Commission, together with partners, is employing various means to improve the status for SMEs in Europe. INTER VENTURES, and the partners in the project are one part of the bigger action.


The article on the boost for SMEs and cross-border business, that features INTER VENTURES, can be found on page 19 in Panorama 75

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